Globia Logistics

L 5 Pro has proven a reliable partner in the acquisition of new clients for our supply chain. We were mostly surprised by the fast implementation of the campaign and the communication throughout the kick-off phase. As a logistics company we have no in-house experience with the marketing or the internet. Michaela and the rest of the L 5 Pro team was able to explain to us exactly where they were getting the visitors from, the process involved in converting these visitors to leads and were able to attribute this to specific marketing channels. Our acquisition cost has dropped 28% since the start of the campaign.

Initial Awareness

Aggressive and effective are the first words that come to mind when I think about working with L 5 Pro. We’ve worked with them as an agency for little over a year before we hired one of their staffers to come work with us full time. The transition was effective and smooth. When we started out selling sneakers online we had no idea how to acquire new customers or how to run a web shop. L 5 Pro has assisted us in both. We could not have been happier with them. At the end of the day all we care about is selling sneakers, we love it. They love generating sales for their customers. The synergy was perfect.


We are currently one of the top shared office locations in the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands. When we first started out we had invested every last penny into our corporate leases, there was no more budget for marketing. We looked at multiple agencies for our marketing needs but after seeing L 5 Pro’s unique marketing model it was a no-brainer pretty much. We had figured out we could spend about 85 EURO’s for every new contract with a six month minimum. L 5 Pro made a plan of attack and was basically able to acquire new customers at a price of 60 EUR per new customer. Because of this we filled up our first location within six weeks and have now expanded to eight locations in the Netherlands.